SiMS is a web-enabled Sales Information and Management System. Its fully configurable administrative functionality and interface defines the property sales process from start to finish, and ensures that every component of the development rollout is measurable and available to all parties at any given time, regardless of geographic location.



  • Detailed leads management
  • Real-time sales status
  • Transaction tracking
  • Communication
  • Reporting
  • One central database
  • Quick search functionality
  • Extensive user roles
  • Connects key role-players

Sales Information Management System

Developers, administrators, sales agents, mortgage originators, attorneys, financiers, project managers and the like all have access to up-to-the-minute information based upon the access rights assigned to their secure login. Not only can they access, view and update information but they can also communicate more effectively with one another in real-time. The entire sales process is tracked via specialized reports and automated notifications.

All leads and purchasers are contained in one central online database. Quick search and a global address book enables anyone to be found in an instant. SiMS is a modular system and depending on the clients specific requirements, off-plan, re-sales, aesthetics or construction modules can be utilized.

SiMS delivers property and sales information directly to public websites via the Interactive Sales Map, ensuring that sales status updates are relayed to the general public in an easy to grasp visual format the moment they happen.

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