Some of our Partners

  • Estate Living

    Residential Estate Communities have fast become a trend in South Africa and indeed the world, due to their security, community and unsurpassed lifestyle offerings.

    Estate Living offers insight into these Estate Communities to Investors, Suppliers and Residents alike. The Estate Living platform consists of a magazine publication, social media platform, integrated mapping system and a resource website. An excellent medium to increase your online marketing exposure and drive leads and traffic to your website.

    Whether you’re a new Development or an existing Estate, showcase to the world the best of what your Community has to offer.
  • True North

    True North is dedicated to the transformation of vulnerable communities in Africa through education, research and the sharing of technology.

    As a registered non-profit company, True North has been actively involved in the Vrygrond and Overcome areas of Cape Town for the past five years. They currently support 23 Early Childhood Development centers, providing care to approximately 1350 children. Their aim is to make provision to all 3 000 children in Vrygrond and Overcome in the next 6 years.

    As part of REDi's ongoing commitment to social responsibility we continue to partner with and support True North via our technology, finance and industry networks.
  • PropertyEngine

    PropertyEngine is an entrepreneurial software development company specializing in the research and development of online marketing tools for residential property developments.

    There is a great need for dedicated, user-friendly web-based products and services to assist property developers and their agents. The team of tech-savvy professionals at PropertyEngine have created a product suite designed to professionally showcase the benefits and features of every type of residential development, with a focus on quality lead generation and online marketing.

    PropertyEngine aims to create an efficient process that results in increased sales. Providing data-rich, accurate information for prospective buyers is a core component of PropertyEngine’s development philosophy, which is, the more educated the lead, the greater the likelihood of a converted sale.