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We’re all grown up now!

As we circle ‘round the sun, another birthday is bound to come up. This year we turn 18! For a tech company that is the equivalent of 54 human years….at the very least.

We find ourselves unspeakably proud to have grown in this industry alongside our long-term clients and strategic partners. We are so committed to ensuring that we consistently add value that every day feels like the first day and not the 18th year. Wow.

There’s hardly ever a dull moment when running a business. The last couple of years have been a testament to how we can learn, adapt and grow. Our needs have drastically changed but one thing remains; adding value. So much so that it’s arguably a synonym for the word ‘business’. 

From this older and wiser vantage point, we are so pleased to feel like we might have done just that; became an important part of the South African residential community. We are growing rapidly, evolving our business relationships and onboarding many new clients. 

There is great value in taking the time to enjoy the view. To stop for a moment and take stock. To pause, take a breath, reflect and give thanks. 

And so, our ultimate goal with this blog is to thank you, our client base and our strategic partners! We are thrilled to be in partnership with you while participating in this industry at this level. Quite literally could not have gotten here without you.

Thanks again! Here’s to a great 2022!

All grown up!