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valumaxlogoThe Safrich/Valumax Group of Companies are a modern, privately owned, South African development group and boast a very successful development track record in the South African property business sector. As a level 4 BEE contributor with a 100% procurement recognition level, they have over the past number of years grown into a powerful network of property investment and development companies, with each of the subsidiary companies tailor-made for a specific investment or development opportunity.

The company recently took a fresh view on the different markets in which they operate and have spent considerable time to strategically reposition their group of companies to participate competitively in specific development and investment markets for the next decade.

As part of the above strategy, all of the groups residential projects were consolidated under the Valumax Group and will in future trade as Valumax Projects and Valumax Residential respectively.

Valumax have decided to employ the REDi technology to increase and manage their sales and reduce risk. The Sales Information Management System and Interactive Sales Map provide administrative and marketing support to the developers to easily control and manage their sales processes and provide prospective purchasers with up to the minute availability and information on specific properties.

Their first project to utilise modules of the Redi Digital Product Suite is Allandale View and we look forward to assisting them in the management of their sales information on this and future projects.