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logo-genesis-projects logoGenesis projects, a successful township establishment operation engaged in the sales of new residential and commercial developments joined forces with RED-i to promote and manage their developments located in the Gauteng region.

Utilising a combination of the Sales Information Management System and Interactive Sales Map we created a powerful administrative and marketing backbone for Genesis. Allowing the developers to easily manage their sales processes and providing purchasers with up to the minute availability and information on specific properties. With effective roll outs of developments such as; Blackburn, Centenario, Pologrande, Lukas Corner and Silver Creek, Genesis Projects won’t be caught resting on their laurels.

We re-built the Genesis group website from the bottom up pulling together Genesis projects, Genesis Mortgage and Genesis Realty into one streamlined web presence with extensive yet easy to digest information on each of its development offerings. Rounded off with e-mail marketing campaigns for their numerous developments we have provided Genesis with just the right mix of tools to inform and capture their target market.