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Devtraco PLUS

devtraco-plus-logoDevtraco PLUS is a Ghanaian based luxury real estate company that offers benchmarked luxury property sale unit for locally resident Ghanaians, expatriates and Ghanaians living abroad. Devtraco Plus comes about through the prestige of the Devtraco lineage along with sister company Devtraco Limited which has been in existence in Ghana since 1993.

RED-i is very excited to be providing services to our first Ghanaian client. Devtraco PLUS have appointed RED-i to build the sales and marketing tools for a number of their luxury development projects namely Palmers Place, The Niiyo and The Hamptons. We have successfully rolled out a Development Manager, Interactive Sales Map and Digital Site Model for Palmers Place development to aid Devtraco in their management and marketing efforts. The Niiyo-Dzorwulu is hot on its heels with sales and marketing products launching in the coming week.

RED-i has also been appointed to build the web presence for both the Devtraco brands with the Devtraco PLUS website launching soon. We hope to enhance the online marketing and sales potential of Devtraco by leveraging this powerful medium in the Ghanaian real estate market.